Costigan Hills Real Estate

Costigan Hills Real Estate was established in December 1997.
For most people, buying or selling real estate is the biggest transaction of their lives.
And it’s not just about money, it’s also about feelings.  ‘Home is where the heart is.”
The mere thought of having to run the property gauntlet is enough to make many people feel uneasy and very much alone. Many times, it’s like a battle between you and the real estate agents.

At our agency we like to think of ourselves as REAL ESTATE HELPERS, not real estate agents.
Real estate is more than a job to us, it’s a responsibility.  A responsibility to help as many real estate consumers as possible. No matter who you are or what you are thinking of doing in real estate, we want to help you.

These days it often seems that everyone is out to make a buck from everyone else. It’s rare to find people in business who offer genuine help without any conditions or obligations. Especially in the real estate industry.

Yes, we are real estate agents.  And yes, we get paid by sellers when we sell real estate.  But whether we are paid or not, whether you are a seller or a buyer or just someone who wants some help, we see ourselves as agents second and helpers first.

That’s how we think of ourselves
and that’s how we’d like you to think of us. Your helpers.
Please feel welcome to call on our help
at any time and for anything.

Proudly family owned and operated since 1997. Principal/Director Colin Blott is supported by one of the largest and most experienced teams in area. This team of highly trained people have a vast knowledge of the local area and they all live within the community of its service area.

The Sales Team is led by Colin Blott with Sales Consultants, Sacha Bayat and Neil Higham, all extensively trained through the Pittard Training Group and are fully qualified in the art of negotiating. They are assisted by sales assistant Gary Davis and sales PA Kathy Garland. Our sales people are able to explain the procedure of selling and buying in careful detail, resulting in clients having more knowledge to make decisions that will benefit them and achieve the outcome that they will be delighted with.

The Property Management team includes Jean Paul Chattat, Zabi Akbarzada, Ismaeil Akbarzada and Michelle Quinn. All are very experienced in the process of securing a good tenant and maintaining your investment property.

These two teams are supported by Sophie Mills on reception and assisted by Tahlia Tuckwell and Tara Campbell on the weekends.


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12/216 Farnham Road, Quakers Hill NSW 2763


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