Real Estate Helpers Wanted! NO Experience needed!

We at Costigan Hills Real Estate are constantly looking for new people to join our team. We prefer LOCAL residents who have OWNED or are BUYING their own home and who have and can demonstrate an excellent CHARACTER.

We must explain. This is a long term Career Position, not a job!

This is an opportunity to enter the Real Estate Industry as a salesperson. The person/s selected must be of excellent character and must be able to show a history of stability within their lives and who have owned or are buying their home (this is a must!).

Another factor which needs to be taken into consideration (by both parties) are the long hours (at least 60 hours per week for the first 3 months), that are required to succeed in this very demanding career, hence people seeking this career are best advised to contact the nearest office to their place of residence. If one goes to the Pittard Groups website www.pittard.com.au one can enquire about the locations of offices using this system.

To apply, simply contact us and ask for a copy of a ‘Consider a Career in Real Estate’ booklet to be sent to you. This very simple, yet informative booklet will provide details of a new method of recruiting being used by many Real Estate companies across Australia. These companies, which we are part of, are making radical changes which are having a profound effect on Real Estate practices.

The changes are for one purpose: to improve the Real Estate industry for the public and for agents.

As the booklet will explain, the process to enter the system, (formerly called The Jenman System) now known as The Pittard Training Group, is long and detailed. It’s meant to allow both the office and the candidate to ‘preview’ each other before a permanent decision is made. The booklet will also explain that should you be successful in your endeavour to enter our system you will become part of the most ‘elite’ salespeople in the World. Salespeople who are amongst the highest paid anywhere, salespeople who enjoy freedom not seen before in the industry and salespeople who have challenges and excitement where no ‘two days’ are ever the same.

Real Estate Sales can be a very lonely career for those that are not committed to training. The hours are long and the frustrations can become insurmountable at times, as testimony to the many that have tried, and failed, to commit. It is certainly not easy to enter this System, however should you do so and you fully commit to excellence, you will be rewarded beyond your dreams!

If you have ever dealt with an Agent and had the thought that you could have done their job better, then here is the chance to prove it! If you are stuck in a ‘rut’ at your present position and would like a challenge, then call us! If you think you could do better than your current job, you owe it to yourself and family to at least have a look.

Never mind what your friends say – it’s what you think that’s important!

A decision to choose a Career in Real Estate may just be the best decision you ever make!

Call our Office on (02) 9626 3333 anytime or email us at admin@hillsrealestate.com.au

To find out more about the Pittard Group go to www.pittard.com.au