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The Property Management team includes Jean Paul Chattat, Zabi Akbarzada, Michelle Quinn and Leasing Agent Ismaiel Akbarzada.  All are very experienced in the process of securing a good tenant and maintaining your investment property.

We all have our point of difference. At Costigan Hills, our rental department is all about quality, not quantity. It is our aim to be proactive and attentive rather than over promise and under deliver. You can rest assured you’re special to us, and so is your investment property.

We are unique and so are you

We understand that a residential property is a significant asset and that as an owner your principal objective is to maximize the return on your investment, both in terms of rental income and capital appreciation.

The Costigan Hills difference

Our aim is to provide you with the highest level of service during the management of your property, and we will do our utmost to ensure that the leasing process is efficient on our behalf and stress free on yours.

Overseeing every aspect of your rental investment is your dedicated Property Manager, purpose trained and fully conversant with the Residential Tenancies Act.

Your personal property manager takes pride and works hard to ensure your investment is working hard for you. From the initial stages of locating a suitable tenant and ongoing stages of our management relationship, you’ll be well informed of each procedure and progress resting assured however that you shall be always consulted with decisions regarding your property.

With our pro-active attention to detail your property will be tended to as if it were our own with Costigan Hills. Periodic inspections are carried out regulary allowing us to peruse how the tenant is maintaining the general upkeep of the premises, and additionally we may identify any existing and forthcoming maintenance issues that require attention. The benefit of this to you is in knowing of any financial expenditure which you may have to outlay on your property prior in having to do so, allowing you to forecast and make financial provisions for these expenses. With your permission, we may also handle all repairs and maintenance on your behalf, always consulting you with a quotation and seeking approval prior to workmanship go ahead. Of course, there may be an emergency situation e.g that of a sewer or lack of hot water nature, outside of office hours, and in this circumstance our on call tradesman will handle this directly, notifying us of the situation at their earliest convenience.

Our tradesman are local, insured and licensed, but we are always open to suggestion should you opt for someone at hand who you may favour.

Usually going hand in hand, rent reviews and lease renewals are carried out regularly, and most suitably at the time of either a period inspection and/or the expiry of a current lease. You will be consulted and advised of a recommended increase in line with market activity and demographic trends. Why not leave all the creditors to us to deal with. Council and water rates, strata levies and landlord insurance just to name a few are accounts we’d pleasurably take responsibility in organising payment for on your behalf. Just instruct us to do so in writing and we’ll take care of it for you.



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